The Symbolic Use Of Native American Medicine Sticks

The Symbolic Use Of Native American Medicine Sticks

Medicine StickNative American medicine sticks are an interesting topic, but what is it really? What does it actually do? Is it medicine? Do you use it to heal yourself? 

Native Americans have a special use for medicine sticks and you will be amazed and intrigued by their traditions. This article will give you a good idea about what a medicine stick actually is and how it is used. 

Of the many tools and artifacts used by Native American tribes, medicine sticks remain very popular today. Brave warriors use the medicine stick for important reasons, including to avoid being hurt in battle. The medicine stick also holds many Native American symbolic messages. 

These unusual items are constructed of the normal items used in Native American crafts. Medicine sticks are made of wood which is carved and wrapped with leather, and adorned with feathers and fur. Many times the craftsman will attach a small medicine bag as well. Tribal beliefs of how the human and nature worlds are connected are represented in these items. 

Of the many uses of the Native dance stick, praying, dancing and medicinal purposes mark the most important. The medicine stick is crafted in such a way that many can appreciate the beauty and history of this unique item. It is a nice artifact to add to your rustic decor. It is best to purchase an authentic medicine stick from a Native American craftsman because it is in the details of the craftsmanship that the stick really becomes special and worth getting as a keepsake. 

Over time, many people have become interested in Native American crafts. So much symbolism revolves around the construction of a medicine stick, including the culture, people and environment. The spiritual connection with the environment and the harnessing of spiritual elements attracts many people as they learn to appreciate the Native American people. A Native American medicine stick makes a wonderful accent piece for your southwestern decor, and many will admire it and the story behind it.

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May 17th 2016 Mission Del Rey

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