Leather Lamp Shades

Leather Lamp Shades

leather-lamp-shades-sized.jpgLeather lamp shades are rustic southwestern leather lamp shades for western lamps and southwest decor. Leather lamp shades perfectly accent southwest lamps and western furniture. Hand stitching and warm colors make rawhide laced leather lamp shades great decoration lampshades too. Our soft pigskin lamp shades are suede leather lamp shades that go well with any desk lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, wall sconce, antler lamp or rustic fixture. Our western leather lampshades are made by hand with old world craftsmanship. Dyed pig skin lamp shades are leather lamp shades stitched by hand with genuine rawhide lacing to create a chic rustic leather lamp shade. Designer lamp shades colors include natural, brown, wine, gold, red, green and black.

Our rustic leather lamp shade line uses high quality top grain pigskin suede in desert sand and ranch rust. Natural pigskin shades are mostly opaque, funneling light both up and down and have a rustic finish with small natural hair follicle holes. Lamp shades made with leather are perfect for log homes, cabins and cottages as well as any ranch or country decor and will not split from heat, like rawhide can. Crafting high quality leather lamp shades is truly an art. Take advantage of our rustic leather lamp shades and make a dramatic affect on your lamp, rustic furniture or ambiance. Merchants, wholesale leather lamp shades are available for resale.

Use leather lamp shades for use on desk lamps or accent lamps to make a big difference and bring true Native American style to any room. Whether for use on traditional style lamps or on special wrought iron lamps, leather lamp shades are the best way to get the beautiful look that you want. The great adaptability of rustic leather lamp shades make them appropriate for using in your living room, office, den, bedrooms and in any other room where you would enjoy adding rustic charm. Leather lampshades are one of the best ways to enhance the rustic beauty of log homes or any rustic room in your home. Today, it is easy to buy leather lamp shades online for Native style decor too. If you enjoy southwestern style in home decor, and wish to bring out this same style in your decorating, choose the beauty of southwestern leather lamp shades for your home decor.

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