Southwestern Blankets - The Must-Have Summer Staple

Southwestern Blankets - The Must-Have Summer Staple

Southwest style has been around for years, but has lately been given new life through the popular boho, tribal and hippy look that you see posted all over instagram and pinterest.  The best thing about this style is that its easy and inexpensive to recreate those looks you've been scrolling.

Add a few southwestern blankets here and there and before you know it, you'll have your friends and family talking about your mad decorating skills! 

Because Southwestern blankets come in an array of colors, you'll have no problem finding one to match your home's color pallete.  You may be drawn to the bright, bold "fiesta" colors, like our Mazatlan blanket, or prefer muted earth tones like our popular Old Style San Miguel blanket.  Either one can breath new life into a boring patio, office or bedroom that needs a facelift.

These Native style blankets are not only good for using in the traditional sense, but are also great for DIYers looking for the perfect material to cover old couches, bench seats, and even make into bags and totes.  If you do a little looking, you'll find these blankets used in the most creative curtains!

Our popular Thunderbird and Diamond Center blankets also make great outdoor blankets to take along with you to the game, beach day or picnics.  And, they're especially great for camping where you'll need a warm, light weight blanket to take along with you.  

If you are looking for an overall great blanket that can withstand some wear and tear, you should consider our southwestern and Mexican blankets for their great style and versatility.  

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May 23rd 2022 Mission Del Rey

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