Create a Welcoming Home with Southwestern Rugs

Create a Welcoming Home with Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern tapestries and rugs add a certain rustic elegance to any room of the home, office, or den.  Add great southwest style to any room with the traditional pictorals and classic native designs of southwestern rugs and tapestries. 

Some of the native designs and pictoral rugs are so beautiful, you may not want to place them on the floor.  These rugs depict parts of Native beliefs or culture such as the Tree of Life, Yei dancers, or Thunderbird.  This is why in many designer magazines, you'll find them being used as pieces of art and hanging on the walls of log cabins, or over the back of a couch or chair. 

Rustic hand woven wool or soft acrylic is often used in southwestern weavings, and make them the ideal way to add color and texture to your floors and walls.  Earth tones are the dominate colors in southwestern rugs, but you'll also find vibrant turquoise, pinks and purples. 

Southwestern rugs and tapestries look especially beautiful when used with other rustic furnishings and are an easy and beautiful way to give your home a warm and welcoming feel.

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Apr 9th 2022 Mission Del Rey

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