Native American Disclaimer

Imported Products: The Mission Del Rey and the Tarahumara Indians are located in Northern Mexico. Our products are imported, not produced by Native Americans. They are not Indian produced, an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian, Indian tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization as defined by 2.5 USC & 305 et seq.

Along with our Tarahumara Indian handcrafts, we also offer classic southwest products from artists and craftsmen in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas among others as well as other popular imported items. Any reference to Native American, American Indian, Indian or names of tribes in titles or descriptions are used to describe styles and patterns only and do not imply origin or authenticity unless identified authentic Native American in the product description of the product page. This is to honor the work of Native Americans and to protect their work.

Made by Indians or not... The United States has laws that forbid selling anything as Native American that isn't actually Native American according to the definition in the law. It protects the Tribes and the artists. It is a good thing but causes confusion. The terms Native American, American Indian and Indian have particular legal meanings under the law. Here is where the confusion comes in.

In our case the Tarahumara Indians are located in what is present day Mexico, in the same area where Geronimo (a Native American) spent much of his time. There were no lines in the sand. In fact, there weren't even countries when the indigenous people first inhabited the area of present day southwest United States and northwest Mexico. Keep in mind that anyone from North or South America is an American. Also, anyone born in these areas is a Native American...even today. That doesn't make them Indian "indigenous" and the law was established to set a standard. So you see it gets complicated.

Of course the Tarahumara are Native Americans...but not according to the US law because they are not from the USA. National Geographic Magazine called the Tarahumara Indians, "North America's most primitive people", living the way they have for generations. They have a rich and colorful heritage. The whole situation is compounded by those who want to exploit "Native Americans". One story we heard was of a town in China that renamed itself Souix, so that it could be stamped on their products and passed off as Native American products from the Souix Tribe of the northern central United States. Well, that was just too much. Something had to be done and so we support the laws defending the American Indians. So, if you see any of those terms used with our products, keep in mind they are used to describe types, styles or patterns not origin.

However we do also offer authentic products from Cherokee, Apache, Pueblo, Zuni, Lakota Souix and Navajo artists among others. So that there is no misunderstanding, we will try to make a note that they are authentic and include the name of the tribe for those items made by Native American artists in the USA. If a particular product listing is noted as being authentic Native American and includes the name of the tribe of origin, then you will know that it was made by a Native American artist in the USA from a federally recognized Tribe.

If the Artist provides a certificate of authenticity, it is attached to the item and forwarded to you. Please keep in mind that the Tarahumara Indians are a proud but humble people. They don't sign their work or provide certificates of authenticity. That is a US phenomenon, but their work is world renowned and sought after even though many do not read or write and live without modern technology. Thank you, for caring enough to read all of this. When you buy our products it helps a lot of people and we really appreciate your business.