Shop Wedding Vases For The Special Couple

Shop Wedding Vases For The Special Couple

With wedding season just around the corner, chances are you'll be attending the union of two happy people about to start their journey together through life.  Weddings take place in different cultures all over the world and each have unique customs and rituals that are part of the ceremony.  

This is the same for the Native American culture where the Native American Wedding Vase takes center stage.  A wedding vase is easily recognizable because of the two spouts, joined by a handle in the middle.  One of the spouts symbolizes the groom, and the other, the bride.  The handle in the middle represents their union together, and the circle in the middle represents the circle of life. 

Traditionally, the wedding vase is a very special gift from the groom's parents to the young couple.  This is a cherished item that they will take with them throughout their married lives, and given to them to represent the sanctity of marriage.

A liquid, blessed by the medicine man, is put into the vase for the couple to drink from during the wedding ceremony, and the bride will drink from one spout, and the groom from the other.  Some tribes also have the couple drink from the vase at the same time, with the notion that if they succeed without spilling, they will have a happy marriage.

While not everyone shares the same wedding customs and ceremonies, every couple can appreciate the symbolism of unity that is behind the Native American wedding vase.  This is why wedding vases have continued to be a popular gift idea, even by non-native friends and loved ones, for the happy couple.  With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, including the famous Navajo horse hair wedding vases and etched pottery vases, its easy to find the perfect match for the special bride and groom. 

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