Give Your Spring Decor New Life with Colorful Talavera Pottery

Give Your Spring Decor New Life with Colorful Talavera Pottery

If you are one of those that are still finding a few forgotten Christmas decorations throughout your home, you're probably thinking its about time for a refresh!  Many of us welcome the sunny days and new life that comes with Spring, and are looking for easy ways to add color and vibrance to our space.

Talavera pottery is a wonderful way to liven up any area of the home, even your patio or garden!  The beautiful hand painted colors and designs of this Mexican pottery are not only eye-catching, but also functional.  From large decorative bowls, plates and pitchers, to small pots and knick-knacks, talavera pottery comes in a number of shapes, sizes and functional pieces. 

For example, talavera salsa bowls can be used to serve guests at an outdoor gathering to add a fun, festive vibe to your table.  And, don't forget the garden or patio.  Handpainted talavera planters and birdbaths make an eyecatching addition to these areas.  

Have a small hallway or bathroom that you wish was larger?  Hang a tiled talavera mirror in a strategic location and watch how the room magically opens up!  Talavera pottery truly is a great way to make your home vibrant and welcoming.  Find a great selection of talavera pottery and other southwest decor here.

Mar 15th 2022 Mission Del Rey

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