Cozy Up With Otavalo Blankets From Ecuador

Cozy Up With Otavalo Blankets From Ecuador

If the idea of curling up with a good book and a cozy blanket after a long day at work sounds like a great idea, you'll definitely want to check out our newest Otavalo blankets from Ecuador.  These blankets are luxuriously soft, with a rich brushed fabric that will have you feeling like you're taking a nap wrapped up in a cloud.

Handmade by talented Ecuadoran artisans, these designer blankets come in many colors and beautiful southwest designs.  They look great thrown over a chair, across the foot of a bed, or next to rustic furnishings.  The best part about these blankets is...they're washable!  Handwoven with recycled mod-acrylic fibers, you'll love the super soft and silky feel unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The vibrant colors and classic native designs make them perfect for creating that rustic cabin, ranch or lodge look.  You'll love how these blankets create the perfect rustic accent in any room of the home while bringing stylish comfort at the same time.  If you'd like to add a little southwest luxury to your life, choose one of the beautiful handwoven Otavalo blankets to add to your decor.

Queen size, 93"x82"

Made by Jary & Karen Lema, Otavalo Ecuador

Southwestern Handwoven Artisan Blankets

Apr 21st 2022 Mission Del Rey

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