Southwest Zapotec Table Runners -Indian Design

Southwest Zapotec Table Runners -Indian Design

zapotec-table-runnersOur Zapotec table runners for sale online are classic southwest table runners woven by hand for rustic decor in the same way as Navajo rugs. Combining high quality wool and years of skill, you get the best deal on Zapotec runners to create a table display that is unique and beautiful. Zapotecs don't have to be confined to the dining table. Southwest style Zapotec Indian table runners look great on the wall too. Because of the rich variety of colors Zapotec table runners can be used to set the tone of an entire room.

When you buy Zapotec table runners online, you are are getting the best Native American style runners that you can use in so many ways. Put them in the living room, family room and bathroom as well as the kitchen and dining. Use them on furniture tops, as table toppers, under a TV, lamp over a chair or bed. With three sizes to choose from, you can get the best deal on Zapotec table runners to use in an endless variety of ways. Their rich colorful designs also make them perfect for all sorts of home decorating projects for country style and as home accessories or for western decor. For a fresh rustic feel, southwest table runners by the famous Zapotec Indians are perfect for cabin, lodge, log home or rustic cowboy, ranch, Indian or bunkhouse look.



The Zapotec Indians have for centuries been improving and refining their skills and techniques. With each passing generation those skills are taught to the children as they learn to continue the family tradition. Making the most of their surroundings, the Zapotec weavers create natural dyes made by stone grinding organic materials and use carefully hand spun yarns to create fabulous unique pieces. Hand woven with quality 100% wool, each Zapotec runner pattern and color scheme is similar but each is different, giving you the inexpensive opportunity to have a unique one-of-a-kind table runner.

I really like this site. I purchased a table runner with which I am also totally pleased. We will be furnishing a home in Phoenix and I intend to return to Mission Del Rey for more accessories. -Darlene F.