Chandelier Lamp Shades

Chandelier Lamp Shades

chandelier-lamp-shadesSmall mini rawhide chandelier lamp shades made of pig skin or rawhide for chandeliers, antler lamps, candelabras, wall sconces and southwestern lamps or western lamps, with built-in bulb clips are perfect for rustic lodge lighting. On this page you can see all of the chandelier lamp shades we offer in one easy location for comparison. Leather and rawhide chandelier lamp shades perfectly accent western and southwest furniture. Hand stitching and warm colors make leather chandelier lamp shades great decoration lampshades too.

Rawhide chandelier shade works well with any very small table or desk antler lamp, chandeliers and wall sconces and come in dyed rawhide colors as well. Our chandelier lampshades are made by hand with old world craftsmanship, stitched by hand with genuine rawhide lacing to create a chic rustic chandelier lamp shade. Our designer lamp shade colors include natural, brown, wine, gold, red, green and black. Chandelier mini lamp shades are perfect for log homes, cabins and cottages as well as any ranch or country decor. Crafting high quality chandelier lampshades is truly an art. Take advantage of our chandelier shades and make a dramatic affect on your lamp, rustic furniture or ambiance. You will no doubt love the warm glow generated by the natural color of the rawhide and the welcoming setting it produces no matter where you decide to use it.

Leather chandelier lamp shades are definitely the best option when wishing to incorporate a refined decorating flare without loosing rustic design. Part of the reason these rawhide shades are so trendy for Spanish style chandeliers and other decorative lamps is because of the numerous choices to choose from. When working with a particular color scheme, you can choose between a colored shade made of genuine pig-skin to match, or a more traditional rawhide shade. It doesn't matter which kind of rawhide or leather chandelier shades you are looking for, you will surely be pleased with the look you can achieve with these shades. The fact that these chandelier shades are hand-crafted, gives them an authenticity you won't find in factory made shades.

Another wonderful feature of western shades is that since they are each constructed with a special bulb clip, you can easily turn even the smallest desk lamp or table lamp into a piece of western decor. Try placing a large metal chandelier with rawhide chandelier shades above a large dinner table, or placed in a strategic spot in the main entrance of a rustic style cabin. You will love how it exceptionally enhances your decor, adding warmth and adding a look of the old west. It is the unique beauty of the leather and rawhide that heightens the quality of wood furniture and rustic decor when you buy chandelier lamp shades online.

Heat can crack natural rawhide. We recommend rawhide conditioner and a florescent bulb. Read our tips on rawhide lamp shade care.

Some Colors Are Closeouts, Limited Quantities Remaining