Native American Pow Wow Drums

Native American Pow Wow Drums

native american pow wow drumsPow wow drums are Native instruments with a big voice for powwow or drumming circles. Beautiful native cedar makes these pow wow drums look fabulous with rustic western furniture and southwest decor.

People also use cedar drums as southwestern end tables or western coffee tables.

As well as Native instruments, cedar drums look great in any country ranch or log home as well as cabin or lodge. Whether you are Native American or not, you will love beautiful cedar pow wow drums.

Pow Wow Drums in Native American history and culture. The pow wow (or powwow) drum is made from a large base and covered with rawhide of deer, buffalo or steer depending largely on the tribe and where they are located. The pow wow drum can be played with eight or more men forming a circle around the drum. The men will sing along with the beat of the drum to form the song. Songs are very often sung in the Native American language. The drum members are responsible for singing and also for knowing any songs they may be asked to sing by the Head Singer or the Master of Ceremonies. There are different types of events that may be held where powwow style drums are used. For example, dances, honoring ceremonies, flag raising and other events. The pow wow drum and the pow wow ceremony should always be treated with respect. It is a sacred event for the Native Americans.

History of Pow Wow Drums Native American drums have a rich culture. Some cultures believed that the original drum was brought to the people by a woman. For this reason, it is said that the spirit of a woman resides in the drum. The drum should always be treated with respect and care and certain behavior is expected of anyone who comes into contact with the drum. The drum can bring balance, peace and joy to anyone participating in events with the drum. There is really no wrong or right way to express yourself while playing a powwow drum so long as you are showing respect. Pow wow drums still have a place both in and outside of Native American cultures and reservations today. Some drums are still made with the basic methods used hundreds of years ago and ceremonies are still handed down from previous generations.

Tarahumara Indian powwow drums are crafted by hand with heavy cow hide covers and native red cedar with a lot of character. Natural imperfections in the wood staves and the varied tones of the hides makes each powwow drum unique. Native American Indian pow wow drums are rustic natural hide drums that sound and look great both at a ceremony and in your home. Native powwow drums may be used as ceremonial drums and by drumming circles for continuous drumming. Tarahumara pow wow drums are primitive hand made instruments being used across the country by drum groups and youth activities in a variety of climates. Rounded side slats enhance decor while the flat slats provide slightly better drumming tone. Pictures are representive of each size drum.