Creating Great Southwest Style With Zapotec Rugs

Creating Great Southwest Style With Zapotec Rugs

Zapotec RugsZapotec rugs are a very popular rug choice for rustic, western, and southwestern home decorating. These highly sought after rugs are hand woven by the famous Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. Each rug, runner, and placemat is unique in design and color, making them highly sought after by home decorators and designers.

When the Spanish introduced sheep to the Teotitlan Del Valle area in the 1500’s, they brought with them new ways of weaving wool. The Zapotec Indians combined these new methods of weaving with their traditional ways, to produce the beautiful rugs that they are known for today.

Zapotec rug weaving has always involved the entire family. The art of weaving Zapotec rugs is taught and passed down from generation to generation. Today, Zapotec families still make a living with the profits gained from their elaborate weavings.

Zapotec rugs are also well known for their beautiful colors and use of natural dye. Natural elements of the area, such as bark, moss, insects and nuts are used to dye course spun yarn, giving each piece its special character.

Zapotec rugs are truly a work of art. Master weavers of the area are known around the world for their beautiful rugs, runners and placemats. The many options in color and design make it easy for home decorators to incorporate Zapotec rugs into their rustic or southwestern decor. 

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Jan 26th 2016 Mission Del Rey

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