Zapotec Rugs Speak for Culture and Tradition.

Zapotec Rugs Speak for Culture and Tradition.

Zapotec Rugs Speak for Culture and Tradition

Zapotec rugs are a heritage. In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the Zapotec Indians are a proud people, whose civilization goes back a considerable distance. Today, many of these people speak only the native dialect and language and they are perhaps most famous for the creation of Zapotec rugs. This civilization is said to date back to before the colonization of the Americas took place. Zapotec rugs have made the people that make them famous around the world, especially due to the very high standard of craftsmanship that is put into their creation.

If you select them for your home, you will be making a statement of your own about your love for southwestern or Western art and culture. They make exceptional value for money. Dating back to pre-Columbian times, the weaving of Zapotec rugs is a tradition handed down for generations. Top quality sheep's wool is used today, most especially because the threads are very resistant to wear. The native Indians have a process inherent to them that they use to create each and every rug by hand. Zapotec rugs require an inherent skill and most people cannot believe the sheer vibrancy of the finished product. These highly colorful items owe a lot to the selection of dyes in the process of production.

These dyes are often selected from insects, minerals and exotic plants. You can use Zapotec rugs for a variety of purposes around the home, including wall hangings, floor runners, area rugs, smaller more intimate rugs for different rooms as a small example. You can select your rug of choice according to the decor and feel of your project. Making a statement about the home that you live in shows that you truly value your style and will not compromise. The selection of a Zapotec rug ensures that you are not matching anywhere else, as no two are alike. Bring the very spirit of the Indian tribe responsible for its creation into your home. We traditionally like to gather around the dining table today, as we have through generations and this process also has a ceremonial meaning among native tribes.

It would be perfect, therefore to put a Zapotec rug table runner in the middle of the dining room table. Don't settle for second best and buy a generic accessory item which has no character at all. Look for inspiration by choosing a Zapotec inspired rug instead. You can just imagine the creativity and hard labor that has gone into the production of this item, which is unmatched anywhere.

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