Zapotec Rugs Create Rustic Style

Zapotec Rugs Create Rustic Style

Zapotec Rugs Create Rustic Style

Zapotec rugs are beautifully hand woven rugs by the Zapotec Indians from the state of Oaxaca , Mexico . These wool rugs are known around the world for their traditional craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and one-of-a-kind design styles. These Indian rugs are the perfect decorating accessory for use in rustic homes and cabins, southwest style homes, or anywhere you would like to add color and elegance. They work wonderfully when used as traditional floor rugs, and also make great rustic wall hangings and tapestries for added color and design on your walls. Similar to the Navajo rug of North America , Zapotec rugs make it easy to achieve great southwestern or Native American style in any room of your home. 

Understanding the history of Zapotec rug making allows you to fully appreciate the time consuming work of the weaving process. The Zapotec Indians, an ancient people with no known legends or stories of migration, believed themselves to be born of the trees, and rocks and other things found in nature and their land. They were primarily farmers until after the Spanish conquest during the 1500s, when they were introduced to new methods of weaving by Spanish priests. Along with the design of the loom, the Spanish brought the first sheep from Europe and taught the Zapotec how to weave. 

The area of Teotitlan Del Valle in Oaxaca is where the world-renown rug making originated and still continues today. The vibrant colors and designs are the first thing you will notice about Zapotec weavings. Although some rug weavers have started to use synthetic dyes, many still use the traditional and natural elements from the area to dye their wool. If you happen to pass by the home or workshop of an Oaxacan rug artist throughout the week, you might see them stirring wool in big pots of rich colored dye, outside on an open fire. Some of the elements used to dye the wool include moss, bark, plants, seeds, fruit and flowers. One of the most interesting dyes they use comes from an insect called the cochineal.

Once the insect is dried, it is then crushed into a very fine red powder used to make a rich scarlet colored dye. Rug weaving often involves the whole family, with each member having a part in the creation of a beautiful rug. The wool must first be cleaned and washed, dyed, and then spun into yarn before the weaving process begins. You will find it very fascinating that each rug has its own design and is a unique masterpiece of the artist. The fact that no two rugs are the same is one of the reasons that make these rugs very popular. Zapotec rugs are ideal for American Indian art collectors that like original or one-of-a-kind pieces, or for those who enjoy Native arts and crafts and rustic home decorating. However you choose to use your Zapotec rug, whether as a traditional floor rug, or as a southwestern wall hanging or tapestry, you will definitely appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these Indian rugs.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you will no doubt find the perfect rug to match your decor. Although you might find Zapotec rugs or similar style southwestern rugs in stores that sell home decor, you will probably find better deals and lower prices online. Dress up your southwestern or rustic style home, and add some color to your home 's decor with the beauty and quality that is characteristic of Zapotec rugs.

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Aug 11th 2015 Mission Del Rey

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