What are Native American Frame Drums?

What are Native American Frame Drums?

Native American Frame Drums

Native American hand drums are sometimes called frame drums and throughout Native American history have been a traditional style hoop drum except that the drum ring is a frame built up from many pieces of wood rather than a hoop of bent wood. They are often used in ceremonies and celebrations as well as for meditation or medicine with most Native Americans. 

In modern society, they are used to teach people about the American Indian culture and often even used as decoration. In some cases, the drums are even used for art projects because the rawhide makes a great canvas for painting and decoration. 

In the history of Native Americans, drums just like the hoop drum were used for many different things. They were an essential part of the Native American culture and way of life and still remain so today. There are many spiritual, emotional and health-related benefits to drumming and hoop drums are a great way to achieve this. 

How are Hand Drums Made? Native American drums are all exquisitely hand made by the tribes that create them, each drum is unique. Tarahumara hoop drums are made by bending a piece of yellow pine into a hoop and rawhide is stretched and laced for heads. Frame drums are hand crafted from a variety of woods and can be made in multifaceted octagonal shapes.

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