Understanding the Traditional Uses of Native American Dance Sticks

Understanding the Traditional Uses of Native American Dance Sticks

Native American Dance SticksNative American dance sticks are essential tools for rituals. They represent a lot of symbolism based on the beliefs and spirituality of Native American tribes. This article will provide an overview of the traditional uses of the Native American dance stick for traditional rituals. 

These interesting dance sticks combine culture and craft making. Tradition shows that only the bravest warriors of the tribe will dance using the dance stick during their tribal ceremonies. Of the various ways dance sticks are constructed, their symbolism of the mighty warrior is often portrayed through an animal form. Often, the Thunderbird, horses, bears, elks and deer are used. 

They are typically made of wood and are adorned with authentic feathers, leather fringes, bead work, as well as animal hide or cloth. Native American dance sticks represent the craftsmanship and elegant woodcarving ability of the Native American people. A genuine artifact of this type can often sell for over a hundred dollars. 

It is an honor to be a part the Native American people and their connection to nature. Nothing shows the kinship of the Native American warrior and nature any better than the use of an animal figure. By using the attributes of animals to represent the power and bravery of the warrior, one could see the intense connection of Native American culture to the daily lives, routines and processes of the people.

Many elements representing the environment are used and fall into three categories of plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. How the warrior is connected to the environment and his surroundings, is shown by the harmony and spiritual energy of the three kingdoms. 

As time passes, the Native American dance stick has grown in popularity. There is a lot that can be learned about the Native tribes when one stops to observe the carving, structure, use of color and materials on these unique dance sticks. It's always best when purchasing an authentic dance stick, to be careful and have a discerning eye for detail. 

Today, there are many imitation dance sticks due to commercialization and mass production which offers a lower quality product. Purchasing an authentic dance stick requires one to be cautious or enlisting the help of a professional in the field. 

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Jan 16th 2017 Mission Del Rey

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