Shabby Chic And Rustic Decor For Your Home

Shabby Chic And Rustic Decor For Your Home

shabby chicWhen it comes to rustic decorating, the styles termed shabby chic and rustic decor have combined and made a big hit with everyone who loves the warmth and comfort it embraces. At first it seems to be a conflict of terms. After all, the things that usually are thought of to make something seem chic is just the opposite of those that would be considered shabby. 

This type of rustic style requires a lot of imagination and creativity. Once you begin to realize that you are not following a true style but rather assembling used, vintage or even antique home furnishings together in one place, then you can see the concept. 

Shabby chic decorating is more of a feeling being created through colors and textures. It can be eclectic with mismatched pieces but all working together to build a rustic theme. Shabby chic and rustic decor actually become one through the use of aged fabrics and muted colors. 

For example, this would not be the place where you would want to use bold colors, but rather faded or even pastel colors work best. Remember the emphasis is on comfort. It was the home spun feel of older, used decor and furnishings that was first termed shabby chic. It was the older parlor look with lace tablecloths and floral fabric that made the impression. 

Perhaps it included painted furniture, sheer curtains and over stuffed furniture, but the main concept was that of comfort and usability without concern for sharp crisp lines and distinct colors. It's this comfortable country feel when combined with the idea of rustic decorating that has come to be so popular and termed shabby chic and rustic decor. It's a perfect concept because it joins old or used pieces of rustic furniture and accessories. 

Consider the charm of a heavy wooden table, hand woven wool southwestern area rugs, wrought iron accessories and soft throws. It actually brings together the best of southwest design and western home décor as well as country style, all blending perfectly. It has also become popular to introduce Native American accents such as Indian pottery, rugs, Navajo blankets or rough wooden bowls. 

Shabby chic and rustic décor are the perfect companions when it comes to decorating a log home or cabin. The popular north woods or lodge look is also included on the rustic side and make decorating easy and a lot of fun. While rustic is at the other end of the scale from elegant, it is very homey, functional and above all comfortable. 

Let your imagination guide you and use the things at your disposal. Don't worry about catalogs and designers. Take a look in your attic. Find some vintage fabrics. Use soft colors and don't worry about the patterns, mix them up. The rules are basically out the window and you are free to create without limits. 

Distress furniture by applying white paint then scuff the edges to give it a vintage look. When it is shabby chic and rustic décor that you are putting together, it is the comfortable lived in look that makes it work. Go to a yard sale or flea market to find accessories. Try rustic lamps of wood or metal with rawhide lamp shades or an antler lamp and chandelier. Think about and Indian drum or old steamer trunk for a coffee table. Apple crates or an old chair can serve as a rustic end table. 

These are the elements of shabby chic and rustic décor that will deliver the look and feel you want. Finish off your rustic chic look with extra throw pillows on your couch or maybe a soft Indian trade blanket across your favorite chair. Your family will love it, be bold and creative and indulge yourself in the warmth and comfort of shabby chic and rustic decor.

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Jun 17th 2016 Mission Del Rey

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