Rawhide Lamp Shade Repair

Rawhide Lamp Shade Repair

There is nothing like the rustic light of Rawhide lamp shades. Rawhide shades are made by stretching goatskin rawhide over a heavy metal lampshade frame. Rawhide expands and contracts with heat and humidity. The hide is wet when stretched then tightens and hardens when dried. Condition rawhide shades regularly to prevent splitting.

Q. Is there a creative way to patch splits in a rawhide lamp shade?

A. Yes, you can actually sew the rawhide with heavy thread/string or rawhide lacing. Soak the shade in water for about thirty minutes. It will get real soft like pasta so that you can puncture it for lacing or sew it. You can also do the same with actual patches of leather. Or, wrap a piece of contrasting leather around the top or bottom like a skirt leaving the bottom edge rough cut and uneven. Add some fringe and beads if you like. It's a fun project and you end up with a very unique shade.

Sep 14th 2015 Mission Del Rey

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