​How To Measure And Order The Correct Size Rawhide Lamp Shade

​How To Measure And Order The Correct Size Rawhide Lamp Shade

Custom lamp shadesThe right rawhide lamp shade can make a perfect lamp, but the wrong size shade can make a beautiful lamp look out of balance.  Ordering the wrong size lampshade is inconvenient and expensive. 

At Mission Del Rey, our specialty is southwest rawhide lamp shades.  When ordering a custom lamp shade, it is very important to get the correct measurements before placing the order. Following the simple steps below will help you determine the correct size lamp shade you will need.

First, we need to understand how lampshades are measured. You will need three measurements, bottom diameter, top diameter and height. The height of a shade should be measured straight up and down vertically…not along the slant.

Measuring Tip #1: The reason we measure height up and down, “vertically” is that the height measurement of your lamp from the bulb socket base to the top of the harp is probably the minimum vertical height you will want to cover with your shade.

Measuring Tip #2: In many cases, the height of your lamp can be adjusted with a shorter or taller harp, allowing you to use a standard size lamp shade rather than ordering a custom shade. You probably have an idea of the approximate shade size you need, so simply take a look at our in-stock rawhide lampshades and select the one you are considering. Each shade’s measurements are listed as described above.

Next, make a simple two-dimensional “flat” pattern the size of the shade out of paper or cardboard. For example, use the lower edge of the cardboard for the base line. Measure up the height of the shade and draw a horizontal line parallel to the base line which will represent the top edge of the shade. Now draw a vertical line straight up and down from base line or to the top edge line. If you imagine the base line, vertical line and top edge line as the capital letter “I” you are on the right track.

Then, mark the top and bottom dimensions of the shade on your pattern so that you get the correct slant for the edge of the shade. From the center line measure and mark the top diameter of the shade. If the top diameter is 5” then measure to the left and right of the center line along the top edge line 2.5” on both sides and make a mark. Those points are the top corners of your pattern. Repeat along the baseline using the shade’s bottom diameter. Use the image at the top of the page as a visual aid, and to give you an example of making the pattern.

Finally, if you will cut out the pattern and have someone hold it in place over the lamp, you will be able to step back and get an idea of what the lamp shade will look like on the lamp. This is a quick and easy way to make sure that you are on the right track in your shade size selection. This simple idea has helped our clients over the years, and we trust it will benefit you too.

Get more information on Custom Rawhide Lamp Shades here.

Apr 7th 2016 Mission Del Rey

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