3 Characteristics Of Southwest Style Decorating

3 Characteristics Of Southwest Style Decorating

Southwest DecorA southwest style home is easy to create when you incorporate the main characteristics of the desert Southwest into your decorating. The three areas you will need to consider are the colors you will use, your furnishings, and the accent pieces to tie the look together.

When choosing your color palette it is good to keep in mind that the Southwest is made up of beautiful colors like desert tan, rusty orange, sunset red, and cactus green. Using these colors as your main color palette will set the foundation for the rest of your decor.

You will also want to consider your furnishings. You don’t necessarily have to change out the furniture you currently use just to match the southwestern style. If you have neutral colored furniture in browns or tans, you can simply add a few southwestern style pillows, or place a throw with Native designs over the back of the couch. Even furniture in other colors such as blues, greens or reds can look great in a southwestern home.

The last thing you will want to add are the southwestern accents that will complement your color palette and furnishings. You will probably enjoy this part the best because there is so much to choose from. There are a lot of southwest decor items that are great for adding design and color to a room.  Native American pottery, Indian baskets, hand-woven rugs, and rawhide lamp shades are some examples of what you will find.

Starting out with the right color palette and adding a few southwestern accents along the way, will give you a southwest style home that you love.

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Apr 15th 2016 Mission Del Rey

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