Tarahumara Indian Dreamcatcher Bowl -Bear/Wolf (pb63)

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This is a Tarahumara Indian bowl plaque featuring hand painted artwork, and a dream catcher web is made to hang on the wall. This is a unique one-of-a-kind piece. This southwestern wooden dough bowl is also laced with leather. Made by the Tarahumara Indians, this bowl was carved by hand. Indian log bowls are made by splitting the trunk in half lengthwise then rough cut with an axe. The carved wooden dough bowls are shaped and further worked with a machete or large knife.

This traditional southwest Indian bowl has been adapted to create beautiful rustic southwestern wall decor with a dreamcatcher as well as prayer feathers. Add a sense of rustic beauty for a natural atmosphere for cabins, western ranch or southwest and country decor. Measures approximately 7.5" wide, 18.5" tall.  

Native Handcrafted, Tribe: Tarahumara

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