Navajo Indian Pottery Storyteller Doll 8.75" (3bc587)

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  • Navajo Pottery Storyteller Doll
  • Native American Storyteller
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Storytellers are unique clay sculptures created by Native American artists.  They are skillfully handcrafted and vary according to each artist’s imagination and creativity. 

Symbolic of the oral traditions of the Pueblo Indians, they depict a storyteller and listeners.  Most storyteller dolls have some common features such as the open mouth of the speaker, which is often sculpted or painted.

Then, there are the listeners which are usually children but also include animals. There is always at least one listener but often there are several positioned on and around the storyteller, even on their head.  The listeners sometimes are depicted holding items of significance to the culture like drums, pottery or woven rugs.

One of the reasons storyteller sculptures are so popular is because of the connection that we all have with our families, children and grandchildren. Collectors, parents and grandparents all find these depictions of family and friends interesting and heartwarming.

Each piece is unique; no two are exactly alike. This piece would be perfect for any southwest style, western or cabin decor. It would also make a special gift.

Measures approximately 8.75" tall.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo, Artist: Elouise Plummer


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