Navajo Horse Hair Pottery Turtle (3bc189)

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  • Navajo Horse Hair Pottery Turtle
  • Turtle Horse Hair Pottery
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This beautiful horsehair pottery figurine is a high quality piece of authentic Native American, Navajo pottery turtle.

This unique piece of Navajo horse hair pottery contains real horse hair that the artists place during the firing process to decorate the rustic figure. The artist throws the pieces of horse hair onto the pottery at just the right time to cause it to stick and melt into the piece. This causes a permanent application of the horse hair to the pottery and creates the exquisite famous look that everyone loves.

This work of art also features hand etching to create intriguing patterns. Each piece is unique, no two are exactly alike. This is perfect for any southwest style, western décor or cabin and makes a great gift. Actual piece is shown, measures approximately 6" long, 3" tall, 4" wide.

Authentic Native American, Tom Vail, Tribe: Navajo

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