Native Headdress Wall Hanging -Cherokee Scout (m3)

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  • Ceremonial Cherokee Mask
  • Native American Cherokee Scout
  • Cherokee Indian Wall Hanging
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This is an authentic Native American Indian face mask hand crafted by an artist from the Creek Indian tribe. The artist used a mold made from the face of a family member for this sculpture and hand painted it in the traditional style. Adorned with genuine coyote pelts, horse hair, and a hair pipe breast plate, this Indian face headdress is a unique piece. Indian masks have been part of ceremonies for generations and are very popular today in the southwest because of the natural materials used and traditional craftsmanship. When you think about the many styles of ceremonial masks used by various tribes, it is fascinating to consider the history they demonstrate. The old west has a rich and colorful heritage. 

This unique handcrafted Indian face mask is authentic Native American art created by Indian artists. With their years of experience in handling authentic Indian masks and artifacts, each artist brings a special touch to their creations. Native American masks add a rustic touch and bring a historic feel to any western, ranch, southwest, lodge, or cabin wall decor. Measures approximately 15" wide by 56" tall, for wall display.

Authentic Native American, La Ne Ayo, Tribe: Creek

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