Native American Bow & Red Fox Quiver 42" (3bc348)

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  • Genuine Deer Skin
  • Real Fox Pelt
  • Authentic Native American

This authentic Native American bow and quiver set includes bow, quiver and arrows.  It is handcrafted by the famous Navajo Indians. This decorative  set is very unique and crafted with great attention to detail.  Is is made with real deer skin leather. The set features a rustic wrapped wooden bow and smooth leather quiver with a leather strap and prayer feathers. Wrapped in leather and hand stitched, the bow holds the quiver for a perfect wall display. The antiqued finish adds to the rustic look of this bow and arrow set for beautiful, high quality with great eye appeal. 

The crowning feature is a real red fox face pelt. Native American bow and arrow sets by Navajo artists make a perfect rustic wall hanging for southwest decor and western style home decorating.  It is beautiful and very well made. It also includes two hand tied arrows with real feather fletching and bone arrowheads. 

Picture is representative, feathers and fur may vary. Measures approximately 42".

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo

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