Native American Beaded Spirit Quiver & Arrows (q14)

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This is a Navajo made quiver with real wooden arrows. This beautiful American Indian quiver is made with genuine deer skin leather and has hand bead work at both the top and bottom of the quiver as well as real antler medallions with fringe. Called a spirit quiver because it features a real jawbone attached to the center of the quiver for good medicine as well as a crystal, chipped stone arrowhead and beaded prayer feathers.

The quiver also has heavy leather fringe and a braided hanging or carrying strap. Two arrows are also provided with the quiver, each has a wooden shaft, hand tied arrow heads and real feathers. (feather colors may vary) Perfect for southwest or western and Native American decor. Measures approximately 31", (not including fringe)

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo

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