Large Tarahumara Hoop Drum 22"

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  • 22 inch Diameter Tarahumara Indian Rawhide Drum
  • Tarahumara Ceremonial Style Drum
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This 22" diameter Native American style hoop drum of the famous Tarahumara Indians is a Native made hand drum that is one of the bigger sizes used for personal drumming. It is large and has a thunderous voice.  This style rawhide drum is held vertically for drumming. The Tarahumara Indians are said to be North Americas most primitive people, inhabiting caves and cliff dwellings. Native American drums are a very important part in their culture. Rawhide drums are used during their festivals as a call to gather the people and as an integral part of their ceremony.

This hoop drums is made with a piece of native yellow pine bent into the shape of the drum ring. Thin goat skin rawhide is stretched over the sides, of the drum ring and laced to form a sturdy hand drum with excellent sound quality..  Most all Native American cultures use drums and these Native Tarahumara hoop drums are perfect examples for drumming, rustic western or southwest decor and as a canvas for art projects. Photo is representative. Measures approximately 22" diameter, 4-6" deep. 

Authentic Native Handcraft, Tribe: Tarahumara

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