Handpainted One Sided Drum 16" - Four Directions Bear (pd87)

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  • Hand Painted Tarahumara Drum - Four Directions Bear
  • Rawhide Hand Painted Hood Drum
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This Native American style hand drum, made by the Tarahumara Indians is excellent for drumming circles and rustic Native American decor. This single sided hand drum is laced on the back in the pattern of the four directions of American Indian tradition, to form a handhold for drumming.

Made by the Tarahumara Indians, this drum has a thin bent wood hoop and natural goat skin rawhide cover for light weight and excellent sound quality. Perfect for both men and women, this hand drum works well for drumming while standing or sitting. Measures 16" diameter, simple stick drum beater included, actual drum is shown.

Authentic Native Handcraft, Tribe: Tarahumara

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