Handmade Amish Basket 10" -Lazy Susan Basket (EM25)

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This is a handcrafted Amish basket. Perfect for decorating and also for use, this basket is made in traditional style. This is a classic example of Amish basketry. The design is the classic weave familiar to the Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish heritage. This basket would be a welcomed addition to any southwest, western or country design and would also make a great gift. Each basket is uniquely hand made, actual basket is shown. Measures 10" diameter, 3" tall (basket)

The Amish are a rugged group of warm and friendly people who live simple lives without modern technology. They choose not to drive cars but rather are seen with horse and buggy. Their beautiful farm homes have no electricity but are heated with wood and lit with kerosene lanterns. The Amish are hard working people who pride themselves on old fashioned hand made quality.

This basket was created by Levi Miller, his wife Mary and their children. They have a beautiful farm where they live and work together. They grow fruits and vegetables in the summer, make brooms in the winter and work together as a family on the baskets.

The family was looking for a way to earn extra income and Mary came upon the basket idea. Levi shared that when the they fist started it was a little scary. Mary bought some supplies to begin with and it was more than Levi thought it would be. He said, "well, I hope it works". It did, and now they enjoy working as a family. Levi said he especially likes making baskets because it keeps the family together. Rather than looking for outside work, they can stay home and work together.

They whole family gets involved. The children, Dan, Rudy, Andy, Barbara, Lydia, Emma and Mattie all have a part in the basketmaking. The younger children practice making baskets until they too become skilled craftsmen. Levi, cuts basswood for the baskets in the woods on the family farm and works it by hand in his shop, then Mary and the children help with the weaving. Once ready, the baskets are stained and air dried behind their barn.

It's from this beautiful country setting that we bring you this family handcraft. We know you will enjoy and appreciate their labor, attention to detail and yes imperfections too, because these are made by real people in America, not with machines or in factories, but with the same pioneer spirit that made this country great. When you buy Amish baskets online, you not only get a beautiful handwoven basket, but you help a real family. Their work is beautiful and we are happy to share it with you. Photo is representative. Measures 10" diameter, 3" tall basket.

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