Hand Painted Tarahumara Drum 8"x8" -Buffalo (87bc103)

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  • Tarahumara Painted Drum -Buffalo
  • Chief Design Tarahumara Drum
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This beautiful Tarahumara Indian decorative drum was made by hand using native pine and stretched cow hide covers and lacing. Painted with a stunning southwestern design, this drum is a lovely addition to your home decor and can also be played.


Tarahumara drums are unique works of art that can be proudly displayed in any home.  This is a real drum that was made for drumming, as well as a rustic home accessory. 


Perfect as a decorative touch to your southwest or western decor. 

Measures approximately 8" wide, 8" tall. Actual drum is shown.

Authentic Native Handcraft, Tarahumara

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