Traditional Mexican Falsa Blanket -Puebla (f114)

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  • Classic Woven Falsa Blanket - For A Traditional Look
  • Soft Acrylic Cotton - For Warmth & Comfort
  • Recycled Fibers - For An Economical Green Alternative

A classic Mexican falsa blanket is one of the most popular throw blankets in the southwest. The brilliant colors and designs have made them icons of southwestern decor. With soft woven acrylic cotton fabric, these blankets are very soft and comfortable. In fact people love them so much that you see them everywhere.  

An exact origin of the term false has been lost over time but has come to signify these wonder lightweight blankets perfect for yoga, picnics, sporting events, beach, travel and more. Mexican blankets are a vibrant expression of the cultures of the southwest and also look great draped over a bed, chair or couch or used for a cover, rug or wall hanging.

This is a traditional Mexican blanket, with a soft loose weave, You may find loose threads, loose ends and knotted connections where the weaver added more thread. Please allow for these "imperfections" as they are part of the unique character of these special falsa blankets. Each blanket also features hand tied loom string fringe on each end.

Crafted with recycled fibers, falsa blankets are also a good green choice for the environment. Falsa blankets are uniquely woven and feature the predominate color shown. Expect slight variations in patterns and colors. Measures approximately 47" wide, 68" long.

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