Tarahumara Pack Basket 7" -CLEARANCE (p6)

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This is an authentic pack basket, hand made by the Tarahumara Indians. Pack baskets are ingeniously made with three hoops of bent yellow pine and genuine rawhide lacing. The hoop basket's unique triangular shape allows it to hang on the side of an animal. With one on each side, they are animal baskets like primitive saddle bags.

Sometimes called burro baskets or burden baskets, these are Native American Indian baskets known as angarias by the people and reflect a great native culture that reminds us of a by gone era. Still in use in the remote areas of the Sierra Madre, each one is a unique treasure.

In a Modern setting, people use these as rustic decor for table and wall decorations or beside a chair as a magazine holder. As a wall hanging, the opening may also be filled with dried flowers. These Indian baskets fit well with country and ranch or cabin decor as well as southwestern or western furnishings.
Measures 7" wide, 6" tall, 7" deep (sitting flat)

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