Southwestern Red Clay Vase 3.5" -Tigua (77bc5)

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This Tigua Indian pottery vase is made by hand with natural clay and hand painted with traditional patterns and colors of the Tigua Indians. We had the pleasure of meeting artist Albert Alvidrez, the former Governor of the Tigua tribe. Albert served as Governor for nine consecutive terms. Albert is also one of only two remaining Tigua potters, his mother, Yolanda, being the second. Both Albert and Yolanda are warm and friendly people with a desire to see their people’s heritage continued.

Similar in style to Mata Ortiz pottery, Tigua pottery will be lost if not preserved. During a visit to speak with Albert about Mission Del Rey helping make their pottery available, we also had a chance to participate in one of the tribe's traditional dances. It gave us a personal appreciation for the culture and a desire to share their rich heritage with others. We will be helping advance the Tigua pottery craft and it is a real honor to be able to help continue such an ancient art. We feel a deep sense of responsibility in helping to preserve it for future generations.

With your help we can raise awareness and would like to see a revival of the traditional crafts among the younger members of the tribe, but for now Albert and Yolanda are the only remaining potters of the historic Tigua Indians.

Measures approximately 3.25" wide, 3.5" tall. Actual piece is shown.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Tigua, Artist: Yolanda Alvidrez

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