Old Style Native American Saddle Bow Case & Quiver Set 43.5"- Manny Silvas (ba24)

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  • Decorative Bow Case, Quiver & Arrow Set
  • Handcrafted by Manny Silvas, Tigua Tribe
  • Genuine Saddle Deer Skin Leather
  • Measures 45" Long

This is an authentic Native American Tigua Indian handcraft made by Manny Silvas. The decorative bow and arrow case with quiver and arrow set includes three wooden arrows with real feathers. The beautiful, antiqued deer skin saddle leather adds a rich tone to the bow case and quiver set perfect for southwestern or Native American wall decor.

The set features a rustic wooden bow inserted into a saddle deer skin leather bow case with heavy fringe and a matching hand stitched leather strap with red wool lining for hanging. Wrapped in leather and hand stitched, the bow hangs out of the bow case and is also adorned with prayer feather and horse hair whips. Attached to the bow case by the strap, is a mathcing leather quiver that also features heavy fringe with brass accents, bone hair pipe beads and horse hair. 

A beautiful Native American hand crafted bow case and quiver set is perfect for southwest, western or Native style home decor. Measures 43.5" long. Actual set is shown. 

Authentic Native American, Manny Silvas  Tribe: Tigua

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