Native American Navajo Jewelry -Necklace & Earring Set 23" (174)

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This is a beautiful authentic Native American Indian necklace & earring set by Navajo Indian artists, featuring multi-colored stones and a Kennedy half dollar.

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Indian jewelry of the southwest is very popular because of the natural materials used and traditional craftsmanship. When you think about Native adornment, American Indian jewelry, North American Indian jewelry there is a certain appeal that is readily identified in quality handcrafted jewelry.

Southwestern Indian jewelry uses the elements of nature that all cultures love. With both necklaces and earrings, turquoise, coral and shell as well as precious stones, glass beads, sterling silver and fetish animals set the standard.

This beautiful necklace is authentic Native American jewelry made by Navajo Indian artist, Delphina Sells. Delphina lives and works in the Four Corners area of Arizona on the Navajo reservation. Delphina learned the craft from her mother who also is an accomplished beasket and Navajo rug weaver. Along with her jewelry making, she helps people with natural healing with the use of local herbs.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo - Measures 23"

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