Native American Medicine Man Coyote Headdress (h13)

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  • Coyote Headdress Beading & Red Wool
  • Medicine Man Coyote Headdress -Back View
  • Native American Medicine Man Coyote Headdress
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This is an authentic Native American Pueblo Indian coyote headdress. This authentic Indian head dress is not only decorative but can actually be worn. Great for pow wows, it is beautifully hand made using a real coyote pelt. Indian headdresses are one of the most popular Native American themes from American Indian history. Animal headdresses often appear in historic photography from the 1800's.

This head dress is created with real coyote fur, and hand beadwork as well as horse hair, prayer feathers and red wool. The beautiful hand bead work at the forehead adds to the rich look of this piece along with the unique coyote fur pelt. This headdress is absolutely beautiful, well made and will look great on any wall or table display for southwest, western, cabin decor.  Actual headdress is shown, measures 21" wide and 21" tall from top of head to bottom of trailer.  Display Bracket sold separately.

Authentic Native American, Manny Silvas, Tribe: Tigua

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