Native American Handcrafted Drum 5"x3" (3bc338)

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  • Native American Handcrafted Drum
  • Navajo Handcrafted Drum
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This is a handcrafted rawhide log drum. This sweat lodge hand drum was created with rawhide that the drum maker carefully stretched and hand scraped, then cut the shape of the heads and lacing with a small knife. Rawhide is extremely strong, requiring an equally strong drum ring. This high quality hand drum has no problem as the trunk is very strong which allows the drum to have a great voice.

This drum style is perfect for drumming circles and meditation. Double sided drums usually have better results in a sweat lodge because the two sided covers keep their tone for drumming longer than a single sided hand drum.

Measures approximately 5" in diameter, 3" tall, free drum beater is included. Picture is representative. 

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo

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