Native American Elk Skin Ceremonial Dress 44"x42" (ws14)

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  • Tigua Pueblo Elk Hide Ceremonial Dress -Back
  • Traditional Tigua Elk Hide Ceremonial Dress
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This is an authentic Native American Tigua Pueblo Elk Hide Ceremonial Dress.  It was created by a genuine American Indian artist of the Tigua Tribe. This decorative leather dress represents a rich part of Indian history. Attention to detail, it is made with real elk skin leather and used during the famous native circle dances which reflect a rich native heritage. The circle dance is the same as many traditional dances still performed today during Native American pow wows.

Made with real leather, brass, horsehair and elk teeth, this rustic dress is intended to be used as a southwestern style wall hanging. Intricately hand stitched, it has great eye appeal. American Indian dresses were originally made using items the warriors brought back from battle. Rough cut elk leather gives this dress its warm look and feel of rich quality. Genuine horsehair fringe adds to the rustic look.

This is a high-quality elk hide dress that looks fantastic.  It also includes bone hair pipes, colorful beading and medicine wheels with the four directions of earth. Traditionally, each dress would be unique to the wearer and would be decorated accordingly and worn with pride. Horsehair or fringe is almost always included, representing the wind for swift, quiet movements. This ceremonial elk dress is a collector's work of art and comes ready to hang with an included hanging rack, perfect for rustic wall decor, southwest style, cabin or western home decorating. Actual ceremonial dress is shown. Measures 44" wide, 42" tall, not including hanging fringe.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Tigua

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