Native American Cedar Drone Flute Pack -Bear F#

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  • Native American Cedar Drone Flute -Bear
  • Hand Carved Cedar Bear
  • Jonah Thompson Flutes
  • Free Woven Flute Bag
  • Free Intro Booklet
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  • Hand Carved Cedar Bear Fetish
  • Genuine Leather Tie-Down
  • Key of F# -Easy to Play
  • Free - Touching The Wind, Booklet
  • Free - Woven Flute Bag

Native American F# Cedar Drone Flute

Our highest quality flute, this is a genuine Native American cedar flute by Navajo Indian artist and musician, Jonah Thompson. This beautiful solid cedar Native six hole flute is perfect for music, meditation, and decoration.  This American Indian cedar flute also has a hand carved solid cedar bear fetish wind block, leather block tie down, beads and genuine turkey feather as well as a smooth rich finish.

Perfectly hand tuned in the key of F#, this is a drone flute. (like two flutes in one) One side of the flute plays a constant F#. The second side also tuned to F# has the holes for playing. The incredible result of this type of design is a very amazing and unique sound, unlike any other flute. It is similar to two flutes playing at once giving a very beautiful full sound. Cedar provides you with an even higher quality choice in a Native flute with a more mellow and richer sound.

Flute measures 21.5" in length, Key F# Drone.

Authentic Native American, Jonah Thompson, Tribe: Navajo

   ***Two Limited Time Bonuses -Included Free, while supplies last***
1.  "Touching The Wind", An Introduction To Jonah Thompson Flutes.
2.  A Native Design Woven Flute Bag, similar to one shown in the picture.

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