Jacla Style Navajo Indian Ghost Beads (36bc74)

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This is an authentic Native American stranded jacla style ghost bead necklace made by Navajo Indian artists. These necklaces feature genuine juniper seeds and glass seed beads. It is thought that ghost beads are worn for protection, to guard against evil and much like dream catchers, to prevent bad dreams.

Jacla in the Navajo language means earring. The "cla" makes a clicking sound with the tongue against the roof of the mouth.  The jacla style is a very well known look in Navajo culture.  It began when women riding horseback would get their beaded loop earrings tangled in their hair in the wind.  They would hang their earrings from the bottom of their necklace while they rode.

The look of the two loops at the bottom of the necklace became a style in itself.  Jewelry makers began to copy the look, making necklaces with the hanging loops in the center.  This ghost bead necklace is a representation of that same style with multiple strands and the two loose ends at the bottom. 

 Measures approximately 20.5" overall length, 17.5" wearable drop. Actual necklace is shown.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Navajo

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