Hand Painted Tarahumara Bean Pot -Eagle Teepee (sp814)

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This authentic dark pottery vase, made by hand by the Tarahumara Indians, is a fabulous addition to any rustic or southwestern decor and comes from deep within the Sierra Madre.   Similar pots, there in the mountains, are used to cook over an open fire. This piece has been decorated with real rawhide lacing and with hand painted designs, resulting in a one of a kind clay piece with rustic charm. This Tarahumara pot is unused and comes with a tripod base made of rustic pieces of pine branches, wrought iron and rawhide lace for decoration.

This style of vase is unique in that it is the type of primitive Native pottery that Indian potters have made for centuries. Made by the pinch and coil method, Tarahumara Indian pots are made by hand without a wheel. The vase is formed by hand coiling clay for the shape of the vessel, then burnished with a piece of smooth wood or stone. The display base makes it possible for the pot to stand upright for viewing.

Perfect for country, cabin, log home, ranch or lodge. Southwest pottery is beautiful as a vase for dried flowers on a table centerpiece or shelf. Tarahumara Indian pottery is an excellent accessory and goes along well with western furniture and southwest decor.

Measures approximately 10" wide, 9.5" tall on stand.

Authentic Native Handcraft, Tribe: Tarahumara

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