Assorted Worry Dolls In A Bag (61wd)

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  • Assorted Worry Dolls in Bag
  • Each Worry Doll & Bag Is Unique
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This listing is for use primarily in our walk-in store, however is also available online. Listing is for one item.

This is an assorted listing for a woven cloth bag that holds multiple Guatemalan worry dolls in traditional dress in a variety of colors.

Per legend, if you have a worry, tell one problem to each doll. Then place it under your pillow before you go to bed. As you sleep, the doll will take away your worry.

Hand crafted in bright Native fashion, these bags and worry dolls are created in Guatemala.  

Listing is for one bag containing multiple worry dolls.

Bags vary in pattern and each worry doll is uniquely handcrafted.

Bag measures approximately 2" wide.

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