Native American Painted Drums

Native American Painted Drums


Through painted drums Native Americans add beauty and a reflection of their lives in their work. This artistic spirit can bee seen in each painted drum. Hand painted drum heads serve as a gallery for the expressions and motives of Native life. Through the ceremonial drums and art handed down, following generations of drum artists find their inspiration through the work of their ancestors. As each new line of Native drum painters creates their work it is mingled with the past.

Drum painting is a true art and important part of the rich heritage of Indian people portrayed in the paint. Drums painted by hand have come to identify both the drummer and his tribe as well as preserve their rich culture through drawings of nature and legend. Painted Native American drums enrich the lives of all who use them as well as making perfect gifts. 

We received the drum and it is fantastic!! Thank you! I will be ordering more for sure!! Cathy -IN