Hand Built Zuni Pottery Bowl -Flower Top (65nap27)

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  • Traditional Zuni Pueblo Pottery Bowl
  • Native American Clay Pottery Vase -Zuni
  • Zuni Hand Built Painted Pottery Vase
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This decorative authentic southwest Traditional Native American pottery vase was built by hand using the famous coil and pinch method with natural clay and hand painted patterns and colors of the Zuni Pueblo Indians. The Zuni Tribe is famous for creating beautiful pottery that has been highly desired by collectors.

The art of pottery making is passed down from each generation. Our pueblo pottery has a rich heritage and many of our potters and painters range from Grand parents to Grand children in the same family. The Zuni people are warm and friendly, living on their tribal lands in Northern New Mexico. 

This piece is a traditional clay pottery design, hand built using coils of clay without a wheel. Painted by hand the patterns is intricate and created without the use of patterns or templates and may include symbols like the bear paw, rain bird, clouds and rain among others. This is a perfect rustic home accent for southwest decor as well as collecting and makes a great gift. Measures approximately 8.5" wide, 3.5" tall.

Authentic Native American, Tania Fontenelle Tribe: Zuni

Note: Decorative clay pottery will not hold water.

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