Premium Horse Hide Navajo Drum 12" -Tohlakai (hd12)

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  • Double Sided Horse Hide Drum - 12"
  • Hand Laced Rawhide Drum
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This is a premium quality horse hide Native American hand drum created by world renowned Navajo drum maker Paul Tohlakai using natural horse rawhide. Paul crafted this beautiful hand drum in his signature style that includes an intricate hide cutting pattern and lacing on the side.

The rawhide drum heads are laced and gathered in such a way that it produces a superior quality look and sound, it is very well made.  It is very well made and is a drum that is wonderful to both own and play. Each Tohlakai drum is individually hand-crafted. Through the years of drum making, he has developed a unique stretch and tie technique that displays a high level of craftsmanship and allows the drummer freedom of movement. Paul has been creating for over twenty years and his knowledge is seen in each drum.

Paul Crane Tohlakai is a full-blooded Dine (Navajo) from the Black Mountains of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. He is an artisan whose drum creations are inspired by traditional beliefs, especially the belief that one’s creativity is a reflection of nature. Spirit to him is the true impulse of his artistic gift as evident in his workmanship, meaningful symbols, and coordination and combining natural materials from his native land in North America. It is his hope that by sharing his talent, others will discover their own beat, rhythm, and relationship to all creation.

This design is perfect for drumming circles, sweat lodges or meditation and is popular for both for both standing and sitting.  A hand painted deer skin leather drum beater is included. Measures 12" diameter, actual drum is shown.

Authentic Native American, Paul Tohlakai, Tribe: Navajo

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