One Sided Native Elk Skin Hand Drum 12" -Shoshone (hdaa)

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  • Shoshone Elk Hand Drum
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A true elk hide Native American hand drum is a work of art that is not only something rare but wonderful to own and play. This beautiful hand drum is an authentic Native made drum that uses natural elk hide for the drum head and lacing. Many non Natives also make drums that can be seen online but this genuine American Indian drum is made by a real Native drum maker. It is becoming harder to find Native drums that are created in the traditional ways.

This Shoshone Indian hand drum is made by hand using strong durable elk skin rawhide. The maker carefully stretched and hand scraped the raw hide, then cut the head and lacing and is very well made. The head of the drum is laced to one side of the frame hoop using a traditional pattern of the four directions of earth, north, south, east and west, forming a hand hold on the back for drumming. This design is perfect for drumming circles, sweat lodges and meditation. This size is one of the most popular sizes because it works well for both standing and sitting. This Native American hand drum is also prized by women, young people and anyone with a smaller build because it can be easily held comfortably for drumming. A custom deer skin drum beater is included by the drum maker. Measures 12" diameter, actual drum is shown.

Authentic Native American, Tribe: Shoshone

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