Native American Parfleche Quiver 24" -Buffalo (p2)

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This is an authentic Native American parfleche quiver created with handcrafted brain tan buffalo hide with the hair remaining in the inside. This is a Native American buffalo hide quiver that the Europeans called parfleche or "par-flesh" because they were very unique bags made with rawhide. The historic parfleche quiver that has many other uses, as a case for ceremonial headdresses or a flute case in additional to a quiver for arrows. The buffalo hair on the inside provides a natural padding for the contents. Created in the Lakota style of the 1860's this parfleche tube has a traditional hand markings using stone ground natural dyes from nature and the soft brain tan leather and sweet smokey smell created by the brain tanning process make this authentic parfleche tube a real treasure. Measures 24" long, 5" diameter, actual tube is shown. Authentic Native American: Tribe Lakota

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