Emergency Rescue First Responder Knife -Police

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  • Emergency Rescue Knife - Police
  • Police Rescue Knife - Pocket Clip
  • Police Emblem - First Responder Knife
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  • Partially Serrated Blade
  • Pummel Window Breaker
  • Pocket Clip for Quick Access
  • Built In Seat Belt Cutter
  • One Handed Open Post

This is a classic emergency rescue knife with a first responder police emblem set into the handle. This pocket knife is a must have for car emergencies, to help yourself, your passengers and other motorists.

This rescue tool not only has a razor sharp knife with a partially serrated blade for rapid cutting, but also features a pummel at the end to easily break a car window if you or someone is trapped inside.  This can be vital if the power fails.  

This knife also has a long pocket clip to to keep it at the top of your pocket for quick access as well as a one handed open thumb post. Plus set into the handle is a seatbelt cutter. This was created using a second blade so it functions with the main knife opened or closed. If a seatbelt is locked by a collision or malfunction, this belt cutter will quickly free you. 

Finally, this rescue knife bears the emblem of one of our National heroes embedded in the handle. Carry it, keep it in your car, or give one to someone you care about. This knife is a quality tool for assisting in rescue or escape and also makes a great gift.

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