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“I absolutely LOVE this bowl - thank you so much for the fast shipping and the gorgeous product!!!!”
-Judy M.

“I love this store and how informative they are regarding the history of thier stock and the artists who made it. I will definitely be buying again.”
-Zach L.

“I just received my Native American etched, horsehair vase. I love it! The vase is beautiful! Packaging was amazing and shipping fast. My only regret is not buying one larger. Thank you for your great service, caring and business.”
-Christine O.

“I just received my indian flute this morning, this flute is beautiful : very well made and the sound great ! when I play it seems I am on the way to heaven !

Many thanks, I will order again in the soon future , keep working this way, because that is a real pleasure to deal with you!”
-Jeff, France

Exceptional Southwest Decor for Home, Office & Unique Gifts

About Us

Mission Del Rey serves artists of the Southwestern United States and indigenous craftsman from around the world, offering unique handcrafted home decor, Mexican and imported Indian products and gifts with southwest, western and rustic themes.

We operate the Mission Del Rey among the Tarahumara Indians. Your purchase of our unique hand-crafted items helps an indigenous family as they work to earn a better standard of living. At the Mission, located in the heart of the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico, the Native people create hand crafts for sale. We call it “Helping Hands.” The Tarahumara are a proud people that have endured many hardships. They lead very rough and often difficult lives. They are teetering between their traditional lifestyle and assimilation into the Mexican culture. Unfortunately, they are somewhat stuck between the two and often live hand to mouth. Hunger and exposure are too well known among the people. By being able to continue their traditional crafts, they preserve their cultural roots and their dignity as they work to provide for their families. Thank you, for having a part in making a difference in their lives.

Mission Del Rey produces southwest rawhide lamp shades. Leather and rawhide lampshades are handcrafted and fabulous for rustic western home, cabin, lodge or ranch lighting. We have shades from small chandelier size to large floor lamp size. Lamp shades made of rawhide with their hand stitching and warm color make wonderful decoration lampshades and go well with any desk lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, wall sconce or antler lamp.

We are also creators of southwestern lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, sconces, chandeliers, wood lamps, designer lamps and Indian drum lamps and Indian pottery lamps. Our rustic lighting is great for reproduction lighting and country or primitive settings, with handcrafted lamps, southwest lamps, wooden lamps, Indian drum and pottery lamps as well as wrought iron and antler lamps. Our cabin lighting and lodge lighting lamps and shades are excellent lighting accessories for rustic furniture and any choice of rustic decor, western or southwestern decor, lodge, cabin or country decor and are especially well suited for log home lighting.

The Mission Del Rey's artisans hand craft each piece bringing years of experience and quality in lighting design and interior lighting. Our lamps and shades are made of real materials by real craftsman who bring a rekindled spirit to rustic lighting through traditional skills. We supply dealers and stores across the country. Buy lamps and shades direct from our website and save money on the best in Southwest Lighting.

"Helping Hands"

Through our "Helping Hands" program, Indigenous Indian families lives are enriched. The internet provides a unique avenue to offer their beautiful and unique hand-crafts. By helping them make their traditional hand-crafts accessible, we are also preserving their rich culture while at the same time helping them work to earn a better standard of living. Our Indian families are grateful to have the opportunity to market their crafts and our customers are thrilled with the authentic items we offer.

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