Zuni Pueblo Hand Painted Flag Stone -Rainbow Song (ra33)

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This is a an amazing, authentic Native American rock art painting. Beautiful Zuni Pueblo in Northern New Mexico is home to famous Zuni potters, carvers and painters. Inspired by the beautiful rock formations and ancient ruins of earlier people, the artists create authentic Native American works of art. The petroglyphs found around the Zuni valley, sometimes called cave art are centuries old and represents symbols from American Indian lore. Using a piece of native flag stone from their sacred Corn Mountain, the Indian artist paints the sysmbols in the rock just as generations before, to express himself and to share their rich heritage. This piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind treasure that will look great in your home. You will treasure this piece because it is real stone with the personality of the artist and the rich Native American culture. This is perfect for southwest style or western decor. Measures 4.5" tall. Authentic Native American, Narren Bowannie, Tribe: Zuni

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